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How my Thai wife became my boss's property As they walked out of the club to the car park, JM gently put his arms around her shoulders and pulled her close, like she was his property now.

Viki offered no resistance and put her arm around his waist and they walked to the black van that was waiting.

thats it, just wank off Read more I've dressed for a while now and want to explore more.

I'd love to have an evening interacting with a couple, maybe a drink or two then get all dressed up in something sexy before playing with both him and her.

Dave has troub Dave Martens has it all, the good job, nice apartment and a gorgeous wife in the name of Ashley, clever, fit, athletic and big breasted she is everyman’s dream woman.

Dave has trouble dealing with the fact that his wife had strayed and shocked and troubled to find he is tremendously aroused every time he thinks about.

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A couple days later Ashley tells Dave there is a rumour about her having sex at the party, it soon becomes apparent that it is more than just a rumour.

not looking for anything else and not looking for anyone over 50, you must travel and it will be at mine and after 10pm and in the dark as im shy...

Read more Anyone wanna come round from the 9th sept, after 10pm, come in, we go into the dark living room, i kneel down and then you get your cock out and wank off and squirt over me, either just squirt everywhere or put your bell against my lips and wank til you cum, once you cum, turn round and leave...

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